MuOS Client Update

Latest Client update 22.January.2020 Download New Client in order to connect!

Hello everyone, MuOS.Club team wants to let you know that a massive game update has been made that includes various fixes, so in order to have the best game play you have to use the new MuOS Game Client.

MuOS Client includes incorporated Auto-Clicker / Auto-Buffer & Minisizer :
(F7 – AutoRightClick) , (F9 – Auto-Clicker Settings) , (F6 – Start Auto-Clicker) , (F8 – Stop Auto-Clicker) ,  (F11 – Switch MuOS Window) & (F12 – Minisizer) , (END – 3D Camera ON / OFF)

Some antivirus software’s may see it as a possible virus , it’s a false positive, so make sure to DISABLE ANTIVIRUS or add MuOS Game Folder to the EXCEPTION LIST.

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Version: 0.99
EXP: x100
Drop: 70%
MaxStats: 32.767
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