Golden Archer Event

The Golden Archer is a long dead warrior who cannot find peace because of a long forgotten debt, known only by himself. For purposes unknown, the Archer exchanges Rena‘s in return for various rewards… He can be found in Lorencia.

May 2019 – Golden Archer Rewards

At the end of every month, the first 5 players in our ranking will receive a special reward. Minimum registered Rena per player for rewards to be assigned is: 500


  • You can find Rena in: Box of Luck, Heart of Love, Gold/Silver Medal, Firecracker, Star of Sacred Birth and Monsters drop.
  • You can register your Rena in Lorencia, coordinates 130 127 (Golden Archer).
  • The ranking is resets at the end of every month and the winners are defined here right after the restart.
  • The rewords are given by a [STAFF] member within a time zone of 24 hours after the winners are chosen.
  • If the minimum of 500 Rena isn’t reached no rewards will be given.

Online Ranking can be checked here : [Golden Archer Rankings]

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Version: 0.99
EXP: x100
Drop: 70%
MaxStats: 32.767
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