MuOS Client Update

Latest Client update 22.January.2020¬†Download New Client in order to connect! Hello everyone, MuOS.Club team wants to let you know that a massive game update has been made that includes various […] Read More

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ChangeLog MuOS

18.05.2019 – Game Fixes Blood Castle – fixed 100% Devil Square – fixed 100% Fixed ConnectServer problem Lahap NPC – disabled (bugged) – jewel mix disappears – working to fix […] Read More

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Golden Archer Event

The Golden Archer is a long dead warrior who cannot find peace because of a long forgotten debt, known only by himself. For purposes unknown, the Archer exchanges Rena‘s in […] Read More

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Mu Old School – Server Information

Server Name: Mu Old School ( MuOS.Club ) Server Version: v0.99 – Classic The Server is hosted from: Europa Experience & Items drop rate: 100x & 70% Bless Bug: Off […] Read More

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Welcome to MuOS.Club – MuOnline Old School !

MuOS.Club is OPEN! 28 April 2019 REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN! SERVER IS ONLINE MuOS Server Information Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for news and events. Vote 4 US […] Read More

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Version: 0.99
EXP: x100
Drop: 70%
MaxStats: 32.767
mu private servers
MU Online private servers